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SharePoint to Outlook - Drag and Drop Email Connector - Email Record Compliance

SharePoint Email Management & Email Record Compliance

The Konnect eMail Parser enables a better end user experience while allowing organisations to comply with their record keeping requirements. When the Konnect eMail SharePoint Solution is activated, every email (.msg file) that is added to SharePoint gets parsed and its header information like email date, from, to, subject, attachment information etc. is automatically added against the email as document metadata. This enables seamless email classification, retention and disposal.

Be records compliant by having email metadata automatically captured every time an email (.msg file) is added to SharePoint.

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Email Classification

Extract crucial information from email (.msg file) within SharePoint and ensure email records compliance within your organisation. The following email properties are extracted from the .msg file which are industry standard

  • Email Date
  • Email From
  • Email To
  • Email CC
  • Email Subject
  • Email Attachment Names
  • Email Attachment Count
Enable Email Classification

Enable Email Classification

SharePoint Email Management Simplified

The SharePoint Email Parser not only works on emails saved from Outlook but also other sources i.e. network drive and file shares making it the ideal choice for bulk migration. Add emails (.msg files) from anywhere or any system and the Konnect eMail Parser will extract the email header information and add this information as metadata against the .msg file for better email management and records compliance. Konnect eMail Parser SharePoint Solution works independently from the Konnect eMail Outlook Add-In.

Complete Email Record Compliance

Complete Email Record Compliance

Email Record Compliance Done Better

The Konnect eMail Parser does not require any Outlook/Office components to be available/installed on the server to extract email header information. This makes it independent of the source of the email (.msg file), whether you are saving the .msg file from Outlook or file-share or a system without the Outlook application installed, Konnect eMail parser works seamlessly to extract email’s header information and add this to SharePoint.

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Konnect eMail Parser SharePoint Solution is available for on-premise SharePoint deployment and as a SharePoint Add-In for SharePoint Online and Office 365.

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SharePoint Server 2013/2016/2019

SharePoint Email Management & Email Record Compliance

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SharePoint Email Management & Email Record Compliance