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Konnect eMail Central Outlook Add-In

Save emails and attachments to SharePoint within Outlook

Are you looking for a end-to-end Outlook to SharePoint integration product? Then Konnect eMail Central Outlook Add-In will meet and exceed all your user requirements.

Konnect eMail Central Outlook Add-In is a feature rich extension to Outlook. It let’s you save, view, edit, filter and search SharePoint files all within Outlook.

No matter where you save emails and attachments – Konnect eMail Central Outlook Add-In let’s you drag & drop emails and attachments to multiple locations within Office 365 without ever leaving Outlook again.

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Save Emails and Capture Email Metadata

Drag & Drop emails and attachments to SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive and automatically capture email properties on SharePoint.

The software supports all SharePoint custom field types which can be edited on the edit properties screen – this is displayed to the user before saving.

Bringing SharePoint to Outlook

Konnect eMail’s Outlook Add-In brings SharePoint native features to Outlook. It provides seamless a integration between the two systems by exposing SharePoint’s document management functionality in Outlook.

This Outlook & SharePoint integration software surfaces the ability to attach SharePoint documents to email, search SharePoint content, check-in/check-out document, view version history, open & delete documents and edit properties.

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Konnect eMail Central Outlook Add-In is available for all supported Outlook versions and Office 365.

Outlook 2016/2019/2022/365


SharePoint and Office 365
SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams

Outlook SharePoint Integration