Email (.msg) uploaded to SharePoint as Folder Content Type

SharePoint assigns Folder Content Type to uploaded email (.msg) and/or Visio (.vsd) files

When using Konnect eMail to drag and drop emails from Outlook to SharePoint or uploading emails for any other location or method; you are

  • Unable to change or assign a content type to the email files
  • Unable to edit metadata for the uploaded file except the file name
  • The email is assigned Folder content type even if it is not added to the library

This usually occurs when below steps are performed in this particular order.

  • “Allow management of content types?” is enabled at the Document Library
  • The default “Document” content type is removed
  • Custom content type is added to the library


There is not particular reason why this happens or why is this only relevant to some file types.


To fix this issue follow the below steps

  • Navigate to “Library Settings”
  • Add the default “Document” content type
  • Remove the “Document” content type